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FAQ's about  American Heart Association , American Safety and Health Institute, Manikins , ISO , NABH, IT , & OT Installation 

  • What are General clinical trainings or trainings that we offer ?
    FOR NABH- Basic Life Suport(BLS), Advanced cardiac Life Support(ACLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support(PALS) ,Neonatal Advanced Life Support(NALS), Occupational Safety ,Trauma Care for Health Care Providers, Infection Control.FOR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT- Above Courses +Simulation Based Courses like Clinical Emergencies For Radiologists Course, Airway Management, Infection Control, Bronchoscopy, Arterial LIne Placement and IABP,Anaphylaxis Management, Care of Bedridden Patient, Emergency Nursing, Nursing Boot Camp, Nursing Essentials, Stroke Management, Arrythmia Management,Ventilator Mangement.Central venous Access etc.For FITNESS PROFESSIONALS- CPR AED - ASHI, AHA accredited and approved for ACE NASM, NAFTA.
  • What are authorizations we have to do the courses?
    Yes! We are Authorized by International Organizations like American Safety & Health Institute(ASHI), Indian Resuscitation Council(IRC), IAOTH, regional training Center for American Heart Association Program Provider. Also we are ISO 29993:2017 & ISO 29992:2018 certified Organization.
  • What are the Manikins that we sale?
    We provide you with the Manikins that is needed for BLS training,ACLS Training,PALS Training, Home Care Nursing,First Aid,IV therapy,AIrway Management,Training Models like Skeleton, Eye, Heart , Anatomical Structures, for Nursing Colleges . All manikins are supplied from our Coimbatore Branch.
  • What are the ISO and NABH related Support Services that we offer?
    Through our consulting Team Aramark Quality Team, We help Organizations achieve: NABH ENTRY LEVEL Consulting,NABH Full Accreditation,NABL Consulting & Accreditation,Nursing Excellence Consulting and Accreditation Support,Green OT Consulting and Accreditation Support,ISO 9001:2015 Auditing & Certification.ISO 14001:2018 Auditing & Certification,ISO 50001 Energy Manangement Systems Auditing & Certification,ISO 13485:2016 Auditing & Certification.,HACCP(HAZARD ANALYSIS CRITICAL CONTROL POINT ) Auditing & Certification,GMP(GOODS MANUFACTURING PRACTICE) Auditing & Certification,140001:2018 ENVIRONMENT, Auditing & Certification.140001:2018 ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENTAuditing & Certification. ISO 140001:2018 ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT Auditing & Certification. ISO 50001 ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMAuditing & Certification,ISO 13485 :2016 MEDICAL DEVICES,HACCP(HAZARD ANALYSIS CRITICAL CONTROL POINT ) GMP(GOODS MANUFACTURING PRACTICE) Auditing & Certification. ISO 45001:2018 OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY Auditing & Certification. ISO 27001:2013 INFORMATION SECURITY Auditing & Certification.
  • Refund Policies for cancellation? Taxes if any?
    For International Courses ,Books and cards once procured issued the payment is not refundable specially for AHA , ASHI & IRC courses. For Tevye Certified Course cancellation:100% refund 15 days befor e the course 50 % 7 days before the course,25 % 3 days before the course, No refund - 1day before the course.If course is cancelled By Tevye 100% refund For Manikin or Models Or Equipment Purchases:No refund after the manikin is supplied . In case of Damaged Product, Product will be Changed and given . Delivery date will 15-20 days.
  • What are the Medical And Surgical Equipments supplied?
    Gel Pads, Surgical Instruments, Baby Coolers , Baby Warmers , Microscopes. Cardiac Monitor, Defib, and ventilators through our channel Partners
  • Do You Offer AHA BLS ACLS PALS?
    We offer American Heart Association AHA BLS ACL PALS
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